The Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center occupies 10,500 square feet of historic industrial space in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The all masonry, tilt-up construction of the 3-story building was an engineering marvel back in the 1910s. CIADC is in great company with the previous makers who occupied the building. Most notable was the Chicago Radio Laboratory who started as a 2-person company manufacturing amateur radio equipment. Within a short time, the CRL grew to become the 20th century electronics giant Zenith Electric! CIADC feels we are just continuing the tradition of maker innovation within these walls…

In addition to a great history, many qualities make our facilities a suitable space for creative industrial arts activities:

•    Neighborhood: Rogers Park is a wonderfully diverse, creatively-rich neighborhood
•    Transport: Easy access via car, mass transit, and bicycle; Dedicated parking
•    Building Construction: Vintage industrial in great condition! 100% masonry and steel construction; Suitable for all our activities
•    Building Layout: Four 2500+ square foot floors sized to house each of our in-depth Studio Departments
•    Other Amenities: Great natural light, Loading dock, Freight elevator
•    All Departments under one roof promotes mixed-material, multi-process object making

Click below to learn more about the equipment and processes available in each Department:

Casting & Molding
Fabricated Metalworking & Forging
Integrated Technology & Design

CIADC’s integrated approach to creative making opportunities – offering the general public both Education and Working Access within and across these industrial processes - is unique to Chicagoland.

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