Accessibility is a core element of the Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center’s Mission.  We want you to be able to work with permanent materials, industrial processes, and technology to create any type of object. We provide access to our industrial workspace, tools, and shop equipment that you need to make 3D objects whether you are enrolled in classes or not. After all, having access to the appropriate space with the appropriate tools are the major hurdles for every 3D object maker.

To learn more about our Building and Facilities, including materials, processes and equipment available in each Department, click here.

In addition to classes and workshops, our Studio Department shops are available for use through our Studio Access program.

Open Studio Access (OSA) is monitored work time outside of Class time. OSA is available to current Students, Student Members, and Access Members.

Advanced Studio Access (ASA) is instructional time during unfilled Core Classes. ASA is available to current Students and Student Members.


  • Non-Members enrolled in any Department Core Class are considered Students
  • Current Members enrolled in any Department Core Class are considered Student Members
  • Current Members not enrolled in any Department Core Class are considered Access Members
  • Core Classes are typically 1/2-term to full-term, general overview Department classes, and are noted in each class description

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