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We have many ways for you to take advantage of our industrial space, shop tools, and expert know-how. Enroll in a Class to learn, or for instructor guidance. Use Studio Access during monitored time slots to work independently outside of Class time.


Access Member: CIADC Member not currently enrolled in any Department Core Class

Advanced Studio Access (ASA): instructional work time during unfilled Core Classes in Department

Core Class: 1/2-term to full-term, general overview Department class, identified in each class description

Current Member: someone who has purchased an annual CIADC Membership, and is still within the 12-months of that Membership

Open Studio Access (OSA): non-instructional, monitored work time in the Studio Department shops, available during designated times throughout the week

Safety and Tool Use Certification (STUC): general and Department-specific safety and policy refresher required each term (quarterly)

Student Member: CIADC Member currently enrolled in any Department Core Class

Student: non-Member, currently enrolled in any Department Core Class

Studio Access: work time outside of normal Class time

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