Technology & Design Department STUC (ITDSTUC-01)


Technology & Design Department STUC (ITDSTUC-01)

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Class Meets: see Section Options
Duration: 30 minutes
Location: CIADC, 1st Floor
Instructor: Matt Runfola
Skill Level: Continuing
Prerequisite: Previous completion of a Core Class in the Integrated Technology & Design Department; Must be current CIADC Member
Ages: 18+ (16-17 w/ signed Liability Waiver Form by parent/guardian)

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This 30-minute Technology & Design Department Safety and Tool Use Certification (STUC) is required each term for CIADC Members who wish to use the Technology & Design Department shop during Open Studio Access hours. Current Students enrolled in a Technology & Design Department Core Class are exempt from needing this STUC for the current term. The STUC serves as a review with CIADC procedures, general and Department-specific safety, proper tool use, new tool orientation, and housekeeping.

You must be a current Member, and have taken at least one previous Core Class in the Department of the STUC prior to registering for this STUC.

Access Members must pre-pay for 5 OSA 3-hr blocks before completing the STUC.

Please Note: The Department STUCs are not instructional time. Please choose our Classes to learn new tools, processes, and for instructor guidance. Scheduled STUC dates are free; alternative STUC dates are available for a fee.