Intro to Electronics and Microcontrollers For The Built Object (ITD120-05)


Intro to Electronics and Microcontrollers For The Built Object (ITD120-05)


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This class is a Core Class and used in lieu of the Department STUC for Studio Access during the term

Class Meets: Wednesdays, 7pm-10pm
Start Date: see Section Options
Duration: 5 weeks
Location: CIADC, 1st Floor
Instructor: Alejandro Acierto
Skill Level: All Levels
Prerequisite: None
Ages: 18+ (16-17 w/ signed Liability Waiver Form by parent/guardian)

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Learn the foundations of designing and integrating light, movement, and sound elements into a constructed object. Gain an introductory understanding of electricity and electronics, and how to safely design, assemble, and work with circuits. Beginning students will start with basic electronic components including DC power supplies, resistors, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and capacitors, and learn proper soldering techniques to build circuits. More advanced circuitry for more complex operations will be discussed. Students will have exposure to microcontrollers (like Arduinos) and see how these processors can be beneficial. Returning students can work immediately on independent projects, be it component-based and/or using microcontrollers, with an emphasis of designing the electronics and the built object as a system.

Please note: No experience required. Attendance in the first class is mandatory. Project material fees not included. Open Studio Access and Advanced Studio Access times available for additional fee. Natural fiber clothing, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are required while working at CIADC. Complete information given during class #1.