Digital Fabrication/CNC Teen Camp: Ages 12-17 (ITD690-01)


Digital Fabrication/CNC Teen Camp: Ages 12-17 (ITD690-01)

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Class Meets: see Section Options
Start Date: see Section Options
Duration: 1 week, Monday-Friday
Location: CIADC, 1st Floor
Instructor: TBD
Skill Level: All Levels
Prerequisite: None
Ages: 12-15 (requires signed Liability Waiver Form by parent/guardian before 1st class)

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Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines are the latest in object making, combining technology and industrial processes to create 3D pieces in wood, plastic, metal, etc. CIADC has both 3D printing (additive) and CNC routing (subtractive) digital fabrication equipment. With these two machines, almost anything that can be dreamt can be made!

Students will learn the fundamental workflow used with digital fabrication: design 3D models in CAD software, convert the design to “machine code” with CAM software, and send the code to CIADC’s machines to cut or print the design! New students will learn through assigned projects, both relief and simple 3D objects, with creative freedom to make the designs their own. Returning students will work on projects of their own design to be either 3D printed, or CNC machined, with instructor guidance. Group demonstrations, class discussions, and one-on-one attention are used throughout the course.

Please note: No experience required. Attendance in the first class is mandatory. Everyone must bring a USB Flash drive (8MB or greater) to class each week, or purchase one from CIADC. Assigned project material fees included; additional materials/supplies can be purchased in class. Open Studio Access currently not available to Teen classes. Natural fiber clothing, long pants, and closed-toe shoes are required while working at CIADC. Complete information given during class #1.