March 10, 2018 - May 20, 2018

A selection of hybrid works incorporating two (or more) distinct materials or processes from the Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center Departments.



January 20, 2018 – February 25, 2018

Objects created by the instructors teaching at Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center – with works by Andrew Barco, Olivia Juarez, John Kurman, Micki LeMieux, Eric Newman, and Quentin Shaw.



November 18, 2017 – January 14, 2018

Exemplary objects from a year of making at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center – with works by Andrew Barco, Barbara Bejna with Nicole Hollander, Brian Blankstein, David Curry, Susan Curry, Jeff Filo, Peter Mikalajunas, Erik Newman, and Jeff Visotsky.


Fault Lines

August 26, 2017 – November 5, 2017

Fault Lines celebrates the oddities, irregularities, and shifting surfaces that give definitive character to a finished work – with contributions by Susan Curry, Jake Howard, Micki LeMieux, Julia Paloma, and Doug Rhodus. 



June 3, 2017 – August 13, 2017

The Chicago Percent-for-Art Ordinance has produced some of the city’s most recognizable icons. 99/1 showcases speculative designs for new public artwork, with contributions by Enrique A. Aguilar, Andranik Aroutiounian, Janet Austin, Kelly Burns, Harald Busch, Craig Calhoun, Laura Christman, Sage Dawson, Gary Duehr, Elizabeth Griffin, Thomas Hellstrom, Oliver Jeffers, George Larson, Micki LeMieux, Elaine Luther, Srinivas Mangipudi, Richard Medina, Emily Moorhead, Jamie Naqvi, Victor Nelson, Andre Pace, Kip Pasta, Erika Raberg and Jonathan Raberg, Rory Scott, Betsy van Die, and Daria Wawrzkiewicz.

99/1 Exhibition Guide99/1 Map



March 11, 2017 – May 21, 2017

A showcase of duplicates – and near duplicates. Works by Brian Blankstein, Susan Curry, Danielle Euer, Tricia Fox, Natalie Kling, Peter Mikalajunas, and John Saliba.


January 21, 2017 – February 26, 2017

As 2017 began, we looked back at a selection of new works created throughout the past year at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center. Featuring works by Janet Austin, Stephan Bossert, David Curry, Donna Hapac, Victor Nelson, Julia Paloma, and Jeffrey Visotsky.


September 24, 2016 – January 7, 2017

Hands-on, first-person knowledge is fundamental to the spirit of our community at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center. Featuring works by Aushra Abouzeid, Sarah Holden, Phillip Howell, Sarah Latimer, Laura Miracle, and Martin Pranga, this exhibit presents creations designed to be touched, moved, manipulated, examined, and activated by visitors.

Country, Life & Economics

July 23, 2016 – September 3, 2016

Creativity is process channeled and invigorated within circumstantial limitations. Featuring creations by Brian Blankstein and Emily McCormick, Carla Bruni, Laura Miracle, Erik Newman, Julia Paloma, and Jeffrey Visotsky, Country, Life & Economics will focus on design efforts undertaken to breathe new life into old materials – giving the available means a fresh purpose for practical applications. The exhibition will highlight items crafted for domestic use, where previously there had simply been parts and the individual drive to make something work.


May 21, 2016 – July 2, 2016

Featuring works by Aushra Abouzeid, Omer Abramson, Nathan Aldredge, Megan Amal, Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu, Gwyneth Anderson, Krista Anderson, Janet Austin, Alan Baker, Bruce Church with Jessica Feith and Laura Miracle, Katarina Balunova, Simon Belleau, George Berlin, Leana Beukema, Jessica Bingham, Mike Blissett, Tyler Bohm, Madeleine Virginia Brown, Michael D. Brown, Peter Burgess, Kelly Burns, Harald Busch, Nicola Buttari, Karen Y. Chan, Marvin Chan, Julietta Cheung, Laura Christman, Collabobo, Derek Conde, Alicia Craft, David Craft, David Curry, Vadim Dadiomov, Carolina Fernandez Del Dago, Stephanie Delgado of Golder Robotics, Leigh Anthony Dehaney, Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Gary Duehr, Walter Early, Taylor Ervin, Danielle Euer, Adam Farcus, Leah Floyd and Cristina Molina, Brent Fogt, Traci Fowler, Anton Fromm and Philip Modest Schambelan, Snow Yunxue Fu, Nick Fury, Julia Garfield, Florian Gassmann, Alexander Gregory, Shahira Hammad, Yhelena Hall, Kelsey Quinn Harrison, Erin Hayden, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, Liam Herne, Mauricio Herrero, Ruth Hodgins, Cynthia Hsieh, Will Hurt, Sarra Jahedi, Kara Johnson, Mark Johnson, Vincent Johnson, Jonathan Kaiser, Yvette Kaiser Smith, Heidi Kao, Jared Kelley, Dave Kennedy, Joshua Kent, Juneer Kibria, Natalie Kling, Thomas Kong, Beata Kozlowska, Craig Kraft, Dorothy Krakauer and Diane Ponder, Zuzana Krizalkovicova, Gabrielle Kroese, Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson, Laurie LeBreton, Beatriz Ledesma, Léon XLVII, Sarah Lu, David MacDiarmid, Kera MacKenzie and Robert MacKenzie, Deepa Mahajan, Srinivas Mangipudi, Nathan Margoni, Alexander Martin, Matt Martin, Nathan Masse, Emily McCormick, Shannon McFerrin, Timothy McMullen, Vanja Mervič, Sara Milkes, Donald Morgan, Martha Morimoto, Greg Mowery, Emanuele Napolitano, Jamie Naqvi, Erik Newman, Liam O'Connor, Andre Pace, Julia Paloma, Will Pergl, Klaus Pinter, Tim Porter, Martin Pranga, Dylan Puddu, Erika Raberg, Jason Ramey, Alice Raymond, Mark Reamy, Maddie Reyna, Carly Ries, Cole Robertson, Matt Runfola, Dominic Sansone, Mihaela Savu, Emily Schulert, Eva Mae Sedjo, Luke Gerard Shemroske, Christopher Shoup, Madhuri Shukla, Larry Shure, Jean Smith, Nathan Smith and Kristin Abhalter, Sanaz Sohrabi, Elena Solomon, Rebecca Spangenthal, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Marc Sullivan, Morgan Teel, Ruby Thorkelson, Penelope Thrasher, Dunja Trutin, Betsy Vandercook, James Villalpando, Charles Vitous, Angelina Voskopoulos, Daria Wawrzkiewicz, Julie Weber, Sara Willadsen, Chris Wille, Gary Wiseman, Giuseppe Zanoni, Nick Van Zanten, and others.

This exhibition was organized in collaboration with Roman Susan, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to develop and support new, locally-focused opportunities to display, create, and experience art in Rogers Park. For more information on the organization, please visit

Blueprints Exhibit Guide (PDF)


CIADC Instructor Showcase

March 19, 2016 – April 30, 2016

Our instructors at the Chicago Industrial Art & Design Center are talented teachers and exceptional creative makers. Their varied interests and approaches enhance the diversity of what we are able to offer to our students. In their personal work, each instructor utilizes the same skills, materials, tools, and processes taught at CIADC, applied in a manner reflective of their own individual style. With works by Nathan Aldredge, Nikki Renee Anderson, Alan Baker, Mark Carroll, Sarah Holden, Laura Miracle, Erik Newman, Matt Runfola, Dominic Sansone, and Quentin Shaw.

The Cast and Fabricated Metal Object

January 15, 2016 – February 28, 2016

Metal is a historically significant material that has been used to create permanent functional, sculptural and decorative objects for millennia. The metal casting and metal fabrication processes are two different approaches to creating 3D works. Casting involves mold making and pouring molten metal into the mold cavities, while fabrication is an additive process of cutting, shaping and joining pieces.

Showcasing the talent of our growing Member community, this group show features a selection of cast and fabricated metal objects created at CIADC during our first months of operation by David Curry, Alan Gelman, Emily McCormick, Peter Mikalajunas, Dan O'Brien, and Jeffrey Visotsky. 

Architecture: Form and Feature

October 4, 2015 – November 15, 2015

What draws us to specific architectural construction? What elements help us to identify with our built environment? Architecture: Form and Feature puts these questions into the hands of CIADC Members Janet Austin, David Curry, Victoria Fuller, Emily McCormick, and Victor Nelson, investigating architectural forms and features and presenting these elements in the context of indoor objects.