The casting and molding processes are indirect ways to create objects. First, a mold is made of the desired form. Next, material is either applied to the mold surface (molding) or poured into the mold cavity (casting). The material takes on the shape of the mold, and can be removed once hardened. The resulting molded or cast object can be used independently, or joined to other pieces to create an assembly. 

Benefits of both molding and casting include: ease of creating multiples, ease of developing work otherwise difficult to directly fabricate, and ease of duplicating existing objects in another material.

Our 2,500 square foot Casting & Molding Department is outfitted for both hot and cold casting and molding processes as follows:

Foundry (Hot Casting):

  • Materials: Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, Pewter
  • Crucible Casting: #30 Crucible Propane Furnace (30 lbs. Aluminum / 90 lbs. Bronze capacity = 300 cu. in. volume per pour)
  • Centrifugal Casting
  • Ladle Casting
  • Mold-Making Material: Green Sand, Resin-Bonded Sand, Investment (Lost Wax or Lost PLA process)
  • (3) Burn-Out Kilns (Lost Wax/Lost PLA process)
  • Dedicated Mold-Making Room

Cold Casting:

  • Materials: Concrete, Plaster, Foam, Resin, Rubber
  • Dedicated Cold-Casting Room
  • Dedicated Mold-Making Room

Cold Molding (Composites):

  • Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar Composite Fabrics
  • Dedicated Composite Molding Room


  • Assortment of hand and power tools
  • Access to Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Class times, with Instructor Guidance
  • Access to Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Open Studio Access, with appropriate STUCs
  • Material and Supplies offered for purchase in Department Shop
  • Storage for Material, Supplies, and Projects in Department Shop

Membership is not required to enroll in classes or workshops. Members do receive discounted tuition and Studio Access rates.



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