Casting is the process of pouring a liquid material (hot or cold) into a hollow cavity mold that is the shape of the desired object. The cast material solidifies and the object is removed from the mold cavity. The molding process refers to laying a sheet of pliable material (hot or cold) over, or into, a form of the desired shape. The sheet material hardens and is removed from the form. The resulting cast or molded object can be a stand-alone piece, or joined to create an assembly. Both casting and molding processes rely on creating proper molds or forms.
Some benefits of casting and molding include: ease of creating multiples, ease of developing work otherwise difficult to directly fabricate, and ease of duplicating existing objects in another material.

Our 2,500 square foot Casting & Molding Department is outfitted for both hot and cold casting and molding processes as follows:

Foundry (Hot Casting):

  • Materials: Aluminum, Bronze, Other Low Melt Metals
  • Crucible Casting: #30 Crucible Propane Furnace (300 cu. in. volume per pour capacity = 30 lbs. Aluminum / 90 lbs. Bronze)
  • Centrifugal Casting
  • Mold-Making Materials: Resin-Bonded Sand, Green Sand, Investment (for the lost wax or lost PLA process)
  • (3) Burn-Out Kilns

Cold Casting:

  • Materials: Plaster, Concrete, Rubber, Resin
  • Mold-Making Materials: Alginate, Rubber, Plaster

Composite Molding:

  • Materials: Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass


  • Assortment of hand and power tools
  • Access to Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Class times, with Instructor Guidance
  • Access to Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Open Studio Access, with appropriate STUCs
  • Material and Supplies offered for purchase in Department Shop
  • Storage for Material, Supplies, and Projects in Department Shop
  • Chemical and Finishing Supply Storage

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