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What is Metalworking? What is Forging?

Fabricated metalworking, or simply fabrication, is a “direct” process where pieces of metal are cut, bent/shaped, joined / welded, and finished to create the desired object.

Forging (or blacksmithing) is the act of using heat and a hammer to move metal into the shape desired. Forged elements can be stand-alone, or combined into an assembly.

What are some benefits to Metalworking & Forging?

A benefit to metalworking and forging is having control of the object throughout the entire process. The actual metal being cut, shaped, and joined, is the metal making final object. The result is that functional and aesthetic modifications can be made at any point along the process. It is also very empowering to control and build with such a technical and structural material!

What Metalworking & Forging tools and capabilities do we have?

Our 3,000 square foot Metalworking & Forging Department is well equipped to cut, cold- and hot-work, join, and finish steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, in both sheet and barstock form, with the following equipment:


  • Baileigh Industrial 52” Hydraulic Shear (14ga steel capacity)

  • (2) Throatless Shears (16ga steel capacity)

  • Baleigh Industrial Ironworker (barstock shear and punch)

  • Baileigh Industrial 12” Metal Cutting Vertical Bandsaw

  • Makita 14” Abrasive Cutoff Saw

  • Baileigh Industrial 15” Variable Speed Drill Press

  • Miller Spectrum 375Xtreme Plasma Arc Cutter (3/8" cut capacity)

  • (5) Victor Oxy/Acetylene Cutting Torches

  • Makita 7-1/4" Metal Cutting Circular Saw


  • NC Whisper Daddy 2, 3-Burner, Propane Gas Forge

  • (2) 100lb Anvils

  • (1) 200lb Anvil

  • Blacksmith Hammers

  • English Wheel (16ga steel capacity)

  • Shaping Mallets, Shot Bag, and Forming Stakes

  • Baileigh Industrial 48” Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake (16ga steel capacity)

  • Baileigh Industrial Roll Bender/Ring Roller

  • Dedicated Victor Oxy/Propane Heating/Rosebud Torch

  • Bending Jigs

Welding and Brazing:

  • Lincoln PowerMIG 215 MIG Welder (1/4" steel capacity)

  • Miller Synchrowave 210 AC/DC TIG Welder (1/4" capacity - steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze)

  • Miller Synchrowave 210 Spool Gun MIG Welder (1/4" capacity – steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze)

  • Miller Millermatic 211 Spool Gun MIG Welder (3/8" capacity – steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze)

  • Lincoln AC/DC 225/125 Stick Welder (1/4" steel capacity)

  • Lincoln WeldPak HD Flux-Cored Wire Feed Welder (1/8" steel capacity)

  • (10) Victor Oxy/Acetylene Torches – Welding and Brazing

Abrasive Finishing:

  • Dedicated Abrasives Room

  • SkatBlast Sandblast Cabinet (40" x 28" x 28")

  • (2) 6" Bench Grinders

  • MultiTool 2” x 36” Belt Sander / 7” Disc Sander

  • (5) 4-1/2" Angle Grinders

  • 1/4" Die Grinder w/ Flex Shaft

  • Dremel Tool w/ Flex Shaft

  • Stationary Buffing/Polishing Machine

Patina and Protective Finishing:

  • Dedicated Finishing Room

  • Spray Booth (36” x 24” x 27”)

  • Chemical and Finishing Supply Storage


  • Assortment of hand and power tools

  • Material and Supplies offered for purchase in Department Shop

  • Storage for Material, Supplies, and Projects in Department Shop

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