What is Technology & Design?

At CIADC, we are all about making 3D objects in permanent materials. This process starts with an idea turned into a Design. Sometimes having a 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD), or a 3D digital model can communicate the idea more effectively and help with material and process selection.

Technology can aid the making process via 21st century manufacturing tools, namely digital fabrication and Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines.

Computer design/modeling and digital/CNC fabrication can be used as stand-alone processes or integrated with our other Departments to create the desired object.

What are some benefits to Technology & Design?

Technology is a tool available to us. Whether it be for object design, rendering, or fabrication, Technology can make the process much easier. Digital design gives the ability to flush out design criteria, and edit visually before cutting material. Digital fabrication/CNC machines are versatile workhorses. 3D printers are additive machines that enable quick outputs of 3D designs. CNC routers are subtractive machines, cutting 2D or 3D objects in a variety of materials. The outputted object of either machine can be the final work, or used as a template, model, form, or mold for another process. Both types of machines excel with complex, hard to fabricate designs and with repetitive outputs. “If you can dream it, you can build it”.

What Technology & Design tools and capabilities do we have?

Our 1,100 square foot Technology & Design Department is outfitted with the following:

CNC Router:

  • ShopSabre Pro404 CNC Router (60" x 50" x 12" 2D, 2.5D, 3D cut volume)

  • 4th Axis Rotary Indexer (6” swing)

  • Materials Cut: hardwood, softwood, plywood/sheet goods, carving foam, plastics, aluminum, brass

  • Cuttable File Formats (vector): .dxf, .eps, .ai, .pdf, .skp, .dwg

  • Cuttable File Formats (image): .bmp, .jpg. .jpeg, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .png

  • Cuttable File Formats (3D): .stl, .dxf, .3ds, .obj, .skp, .v3m, .lwo, .3dm, .wrl

3D Printer:

  • MakerGear M2 3D Filament Printer (8" x 10" x 8" build volume)

  • Materials Printed: ABS and PLA plastics

  • Printable File Formats: .stl, .obj, .3mf

Computer Workstations:

  • (6) PC-based Workstations

  • Vector-based and 3D Modeling Software: MeshMixer, V-Carve Pro, SolidWorks

  • CAM/Slicer Software: V-Carve Pro, Cura


  • Assortment of hand tools

  • Access to Casting Shop, Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Class times, with Instructor Guidance

  • Access to Casting Shop, Metal Shop and Wood Shop during Open Studio Access, with appropriate STUCs

  • Material and Supplies offered for purchase in Department Shop

  • Storage for Material, Supplies, and Projects in Department Shop

Can you 3D Print or CNC Cut something for me?

Sure, current CIADC Members have the option of paying for digital design and digital fabrication services. Contact us to learn more!

Become a Member of CIADC and receive discounted tuition and Studio Access rates!

Studio Access is work time outside of Class time, and available to all current Students and former Students.




Fall 2019 Adult Core Classes

September 16-November 24

Fall 2019 Teen Classes: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Afternoons

A-Session: September 16-October 20; B-Session: October 21-November 24; C-Session (Sat. Only): November 30-December 28

2019 Holiday Immersion Weeks

December 9-13 -or- December 16-20

Private Instruction


Fall 2019 Safety and Tool Use Certification

For Open Studio Access September 16-January 5, 2020