Looking for a more personal way to help CIADC grow? Taking a cue from our 2016 Makers Ball fundraiser, we decided to continue the "Make It Yours" giving opportunity. Donate funds towards Department-specific equipment for your and others' use!

1. Network Printer / Copy Machine (Office) - We now have computers in each Department and Instructors who like to give handouts. Help us be more efficient and effective with printing and copying. $705

2. Bicycle Racks (Office) - We want to accommodate our large community of bike commuters. Unfortunately, the City cannot install racks on the sidewalks around CIADC (too narrow). We would like to start with secure parking for 8 bicycles on CIADC property. That's a quantity of 4 racks in total. $160 ea. rack

3. Composite Vacuum Transfer Equipment (Casting & Molding) - What? That's the pumps, resin catch basins, and accessories we need to expand our carbon fiber and fiberglass molding program to include vacuum bagging and vacuum infusion processes. More complex molded parts, less toxic process, better surface finish. $1320

4. Vacuum Thermoforming Machine (Casting & Molding) - Create 3D objects or molds from plastic sheet. 12" x 17" x 7" draw capabilities. $1630

5. Dual TIG/MIG Conversion (Metalworking) - Our current TIG welder can easily switch to a spool-gun MIG welder, and back again. We want to have the ability to MIG weld stainless, aluminum, and bronze, and these machine add-ons would give us the flexibility to do just that. $500

6. MIG Welder (Metalworking) - MIG welding at CIADC has become popular enough to warrant a 2nd dedicated steel MIG welder. Same specs as our current one: 215 amps, 1/4" steel capacity, single pass. $1785

7. Desktop CNC Router (Technology) - A great compliment to the additive manufacturing of the 3D printer, the CNC router can cut 3D shapes into wood, plastic, and soft metals. Design on CAD and output to the CNC...a great precursor to the shop-sized CNC tools CIADC will have in the future. $1365

8. Studio Photography Equipment (Technology) - We want our users to more easily photo document their 3D work. This bundle has all the items needed (sans camera) for quality images: studio lighting, tripod, backdrop holder and paper, and Photoshop Elements software. $665

9. Industrial Wood Shaper (Woodworking) - A shaper is an industrial routing table. It has the power and features to safely cut profiles along interior and exterior wood edges. This is a 3HP workhorse. $2080

10. Wood Lathe / Tools (Woodworking) - Our Woodworking Department wants to add turning to its arsenal - both spindle and face plate. Used to create bowls, table legs, and other objects in the round. This is a powerful 2HP, 16" x 42" lathe. $2865

Help CIADC expand in capabilities and offerings for our creative community!  Thank you!

Make It Yours!

The Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest allowed by law