CIADC Teen-Specific Classes Are Here!

12 to 15-year-olds are invited to join us in applying Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math to real-world making. Our instructors are experts at instilling a safe, hands-on, educational, application-based work environment, filled with creativity and fun!

Ages 16+ are invited to enroll in our adult programming.

"I am extremely fortunate to have been exposed to materials, tools, and built objects from a young age. This peaked my curiosity in application-based design, engineering, and manufacturing processes - how and why objects are built the way they are. I have always been hands-on, and have had wonderful mentors guiding me with all aspects of making objects. I learned skill and process, technical and creative design, material science, and built cool things -  from automated high-speed machinery, to skateboards and snowboards, to one-of-a-kind sculpture and furniture.
But most importantly, my experiences creating objects with industrial materials, processes, and power tools in a shop setting instilled many traits that transferred into all aspects of my life. The gained responsibility, confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, and empowerment shaped who I am today. This is the mission of CIADC. To offer these same opportunities and benefits to as many people as possible." - Matthew Runfola, Founder, Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center

5-week Teen classes are offered Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. Check out all the course offerings below.

To learn more about our Building and Facilities, including materials, processes and equipment available in each Department, click here. We also welcome you to visit us to see our facilities at any time. 

Casting for Teens – fundamentals of castable materials, mold making processes, and hands-on casting of 3D objects!

Metalworking & Forging for Teens – fundamentals of design for fabrication, metal properties, proper hand and shop tool use, cold- and hot-processes, and hands-on constructing of 3D objects!

3D CAD for Teens – fundamentals of 3D computer aided design for scaled object design, rendering, and construction of physical 3D objects!

Woodworking for Teens – fundamentals of design for construction, wood properties, proper hand and shop tool use, and hands-on construction of 3D objects!

Refer a Friend 10% Discount


Bring a Friend to a CIADC Core Class and both of you receive 10% Back!

Please Note: At least one of you must be NEW to CIADC (not have taken a 1/2-term or full-term Core Class previously), and have yet to register for Class

To receive the refund, you need to:

  1. Both individually register for your Core Class; You do NOT have to be in the same Class to receive the discount
  2. Email us at info@ciadc.org with your and your friend's names and both registration Order Numbers

After we receive the email, we will refund 10% of the tuition to you and your friend. One discount per person per term; BOTH registrations and the email must be received before the start of the Class