General Q's:

What makes CIADC unique?

We are a non-profit with a Mission to serve the needs of the 3D maker community. We are open to everyone, ages 12+. We’re a mix of community art center, maker space, and university program. We focus equally on education and working access for all ability levels, whether your interest is functional, sculptural, decorative, or product-focused 3D objects. We have 4 well-equipped Studio Departments under one roof, and promote cross-Department activity. All of our work activity is supervised - for safety, proper tool use, and assistance. Our teaching philosophy is to give you the skills and the confidence to make anything. We ensure all of our tools are in proper and safe working condition so you can create effectively. We are a creative community.

I’m interested. Where do I begin?

The first step is to take a Core Class in one or more Department(s) you are interested using. A Department Core Class serves as your initial "certification" for Studio Access use. After you complete a Core Class, you can decide to enroll in another Class for continued instructor guidance, or complete the Department STUC(s) to use our space and tools during Open Studio Access times.

How can I make the most of working at CIADC? How can I use more than one Department shop?

We want you to think of CIADC as a complete industrial arts and design facility at your disposal. Your admission to Open Studio Access allows you to work in as many Department shops that you are certified to use, even within the same 3-hour block! For safety, you must initially certify (via a Core Class) and remain certified (via quarterly STUCs) in each Department separately. When certified, you will be able to choose the material(s) and process(es) that fit your object design the best!

I love what you are doing. How can I help?

Thank you! One way to help is to be active with our programming. You can also help us by spreading the word far and wide. Another way is through giving. Support our Mission with the gift of a donation, or with a CIADC gift certificate. We appreciate all that you can do!


Membership Q's:

What are the benefits to CIADC Membership?

Members receive discounts on Classes and Studio Access, Members can work during Open Studio Access without being enrolled in a Class (after meeting STUC requirements), among other perks. Membership also supports CIADC with our Mission, and is tax-deductible.

Will a Membership pay for itself?

Yes! Member discounts quickly add up and offset -or- pay for the annual fee. For example, Member savings on just (2) 10-week classes and (6) Open Studio Access uses over the course of 12-months, negate the Membership fee (based on current Student vs. Student Member rates).

What is the difference between a Student Member and an Access Member?

Members currently enrolled in any Core Class are considered Student Members. Members not enrolled in any Core Class, but are certified to use Open Studio Access in select Departments are considered Access Members. Student Members receive the most discounted Studio Access rates.

Do I have to be a Member to use the space?

No. Membership is not required to enroll in a Core Class, Workshop, or to use Studio Access as a Student. Membership is required, however, anytime you want to use Open Studio Access in a Department outside of an enrolled Class.


Class Q's:

What is the difference between a 5-week “Intro”-level and a 10-week “Beginning/Continuing”-level class?

Simply put, length of class. Both are good choices for beginners, however, the 5-week Intro-level is designed for the person with no experience who wants minimal commitment as they try something new. During the 5-weeks, safety, tool use, and skills are taught through assigned projects. Students can continue by enrolling in another 5-week or 10-week Class to work on individual projects. The 10-week Beginning/Continuing-level Class covers the same information as the 5-week Intro Class, but additionally offers more in-depth tool, process, and skill-based instruction, and time for Students to work on individual projects.

I am experienced. Do I need to take a class?

Yes, for safety reasons. We do not discount your experience or skill, but working in our community industrial shop may be very different than what you have worked in before. We feel completing a Core Class is the best way for you to become familiar with our space, our tools and our policies, all under the guise of an instructor. Students have the opportunity to work during Studio Access times too. Once you have completed one Core Class in the Department, the decision is yours to continue taking Classes for instructor guidance, or complete the quarterly Department STUC to use shop and tools during Open Studio Access.

I know I will miss one or more classes. Can tuition be pro-rated or credited? Can I make up the missed class(es)?

Although we do not offer pro-rated tuition, credits, or direct make-ups for Student misses, we have ways for you to receive missed instruction or missed work time. Our instructors will cover missed instruction as time allows when you return to Class. Additional instruction and work time are available through our Advanced Studio Access and Open Studio Access programs.

Do you have Youth classes?

Yes! We offer Teen-specific Classes and Camps for ages 12-15 in all Departments. Ages 16+ are welcome in our adult programming with parent/guardian consent.

Can I pay for a class in installments? Do you offer financial aid?

CIADC offers a Tuition Installment Plan for 10-week adult Classes, which allows you to pay for your Class tuition in 2 equal installments, plus a $25 administrative fee. See our Tuition Installment Plan for details on the program. For all other Classes and Workshops, full payment must be made at the time of registration to reserve your spot. We do offer tuition assistance for our Teen programming.

Are materials included in tuition costs?

Tuition includes many “consumable” supplies, however, materials for your projects are not included (exceptions being most Workshops and Teen Classes/Camps). Typical assigned project material cost for new Students is less than $20. We sell common material and supplies in our Department shops for convenience.


Studio Access Q's:

What is Studio Access?

Studio Access is shop work time outside of enrolled Class time. At CIADC, we place great importance on making our space and tools available to you. All our Studio Access times are in 3-hour scheduled blocks throughout the week, and are supervised for safety and proper tool use. Studio Access comes in 2 forms: Open Studio Access and Advanced Studio Access.

What is the difference between Open Studio Access and Advanced Studio Access?

Both act as extra work time, the difference is with instruction:

Open Studio Access (OSA) is supervised, non-instructional work time outside of Class time. OSA is available to Students, Students Members, and Access Members certified in that Department. The current term Department OSA schedule is available here. The cost of OSA depends on Member status.

Advanced Studio Access (ASA) is additional instruction and work time outside of normal Class time, available to current Students and Student Members of the Department only. The Department ASA schedule is posted in each shop after the start of the term. The cost of ASA depends on Member status.

Can I use your space during unscheduled times?

Safety is priority #1 at CIADC. For this reason, all work activity occurs during scheduled Class or Open Studio Access times when our shops and front desk are staffed.


Safety and Tool Use Certification Q's:

What is the Safety and Tool Use Certification? Do I need it?

The Safety and Tool Use Certification (STUC) is a brief review of general and Department-specific safety, policies, and an introduction to any new equipment. A STUC is required each term to use Open Studio Access when not enrolled in a Core Class in that Department. STUC pre-requisites include: Membership and previous completion of 1 Core Class in the Department. Current Students or Student Members do not need a STUC for the Department of their Class.

Do I really need to renew my STUCs every term?

Yes. Safety is priority #1 at CIADC. This safety refresher helps develop an automatic response in case of an accident or emergency in our shops. It also gives us a chance to introduce you to new equipment or policies. The scheduled Department STUC safety review is free and happens just prior to an Open Studio Access slot for your convenience.

I will miss the free STUC date. Can I still use Open Studio Access?

Yes, but you must still schedule and complete a STUC on an alternate date with us before you use Open Studio Access. We charge a nominal fee for alternate date STUCs. Contact us to arrange a time best for you.


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