Spring Open House and Bronze Pour


Saturday, March 10, 2018 // 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Join us for our seasonal open house with tours through our four shop departments in Casting & Molding, Metalworking & Forging, Technology & Design, and Woodworking ~ CIADC.ORG

There will be a bronze pour in the casting department at approximately 1:30pm along with regular open studio work in progress in the other departments.

Also check out our extended exhibition of CIADC Instructors works with contributions by Andrew Barco, Olivia Juárez, John Kurman, Micki LeMeuix, Erik Newman, and Quentin Shaw.

Education: Winter Instruction Modules

Now that the term is in its second week, there's still a variety of one- and two-session education modules to join. Check out the options below, and drop in for a night and learn something new!

Instruction Modules


Bronze Age

Last night we had the first Bronze pour in the casting department at CIADC!

Julia was on hand to help Susan prepare her mold. . . .

Dominick preparing the troops. . . .

. . . a leaping flame early in the pour . . .

. . . Susan battling some breakout . . .

. . . and a smokey conclusion.

Earlier this evening, the mold was broken, and while the results weren't precisely what was intended, they were not without a charm of their own.

The beginning of bronze at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center. To be continued. . . .