Education: CIADC Helps Chicago Teens Build Birdhouses, Learn Woodworking Skills

In late March, Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center teamed up with CIADC Member Cathy Taylor and her After School Matters classes to teach basic woodworking skills and help bridge classroom subjects with experiential learning.

The students – teenagers from three different Chicago schools – had been learning about various bird habitats. Cathy selected three unique birdhouses, designed to attract a variety of bird types from wrens and nuthatches, to barn swallows and robins, kestrels and owls. CIADC prepped the wood in-house and joined the ASM classes at Gallery 37 for the final assembly. Each class was able to take three birdhouses back to their school for installation!

Our well-placed gratitude to Erik Newman, Sarah Lu, Doug Rhodus, Donna Hapac, and Vic Nelson for their help with the project. And a special thanks to Cathy Taylor for involving CIADC in this rewarding program!

Exhibitions: Final Week for Country, Life & Economics

The current Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center exhibition Country, Life & Economics will be on display through Saturday, September 3. If you haven't had a chance to visit yet, plan to come in this week, Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 3:30 PM and 7 to 10 PM, or on Saturday between 9 AM and 3:30 PM, and enjoy the installation views below!


Erik Newman Toronada Machine – Chicago Schwinn saddle, bicycle parts, oak, plywood, miscellaneous (2005)

Carla Bruni Cold Month Project – Salvaged Craftsman drill, lamp parts from stage lighting, form mold (2016)

Julia Paloma This is Part A or The Reappearance of Sentiment – Bronze (2016)

Brian Blankstein and Emily McCormick Twist Wrench – Fire poker handle, wrench (2016)

Jeffrey Visotsky Kangaroo Tongs – Kangaroo bone, wooden spoon, clay, bronze (2016)

Laura Miracle Alley Trellis – Found chairs, macaroni tin, mason jar, soil, pothos (2016)

Members who are interested in being a part of our next exhibit, check out the call for entries for Demo.

Education: Fall Enrollment is Open

This week, Fall enrollment opens for the term beginning September 12, 2016. Core classes will be offered in 6- and 12-week sections, there will be a smattering of single-session instruction modules, and we're pleased to announce two additions: CIADC will now be offering teen-focused courses on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and we've added an open studio access time slot for 12:30-3:30 PM on Sunday afternoons.

Check out the courses department by department below, and get ready for an active, creative Fall!





And for all members who are not planning to enroll in core classes this term, please be sure to attend the free STUC sessions to maintain access to open studio time!

Free Safety and Tool Use Certification on Saturday, September 10

Technology Department STUC (ITDSTUC-01) – 10:00 AM with Matt Runfola

Woodworking Department STUC (WDWSTUC-01) – 10:30 AM with Laura Miracle

Metalworking Department STUC (FMFSTUC-01) – 11:30 AM with Matt Runfola

Casting Department STUC (CSTSTUC-01) – 12:30 PM with Dominic Sansone


Opening Reception: Country, Life & Economics

Join us this Saturday from 4-6 PM for the next Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center exhibition: Country, Life & Economics. Featuring creations by Brian Blankstein and Emily McCormick, Carla Bruni, Laura Miracle, Erik Newman, Julia Paloma, and Jeffrey Visotsky, the exhibit focuses on design efforts undertaken to breathe new life into old materials – giving the available means a fresh purpose for practical applications. 

The exhibition will highlight items crafted for domestic use, where previously there had simply been parts and the individual drive to make something work. Join us to celebrate the new creations coming from the CIADC workshops!

Detail of a sculpture by Laura Miracle

Detail of a sculpture by Laura Miracle

Education: 5-Week Summer Classes and Instruction Modules

Summer term at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center is in full swing, but there's still time to join a series of great 5-week core classes or single-session instruction modules. The second half of the term begins the week of July 25 through July 30 – sign up today and keep up with the latest in the CIADC workshops – CIADC is offering a 10% discount to all new students: use code SUMMER10 at checkout!

5-Week Core Classes


Intro to Sand Cast Metal (CST120-05)
Wednesday 9 AM - 12 PM with Quentin Shaw beginning July 27;
Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM with Dominic Sansone beginning July 30

Intro to Composite Fabrication (CST150-05) 

Monday 7-10 PM with Mark Carroll beginning August 1

Fabricated Metalworking & Forging

Intro to Metal Fabrication (FMF110-05)
Saturday 9 AM to 12 PM with Quentin Shaw beginning July 30

Integrated Technology & Design

Intro to Rhino: 3D CAD Modeling For Design (ITD110-05)
Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM with Nathan Aldredge beginning August 6

Intro to Electronics and Microcontrollers For The Built Object (ITD120-05)
Wednesday 7-10 PM with Alan Baker beginning July 27


Intro to Woodworking (WDW110-05)
Wednesday 7-10 PM with Erik Newman beginning July 27;
Saturday 9 AM - 12 PM with Laura Miracle beginning July 30

Instruction Modules


Flexible Mold Making (CST520-01)
Tuesday, July 26 with Dominic Sansone 7 PM

Cold Casting (CST530-01)
Tuesday, August 9 with Dominic Sansone 7 PM

Fabricated Metalworking & Forging

TIG Welding: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Bronze (FMF530-01)
Tuesday, July 26 with Matt Runfola 7 PM

TIG Welding: Aluminum (FMF540-01)
Tuesday, August 2 with Matt Runfola 7 PM

Instructor Showcase

This Saturday, CIADC is very pleased to present the third exhibition of 3D works hosted in the Art & Design Center Gallery: Instructor Showcase with works by Nathan AldredgeNikki Renee Anderson, Alan Baker, Mark CarrollSarah HoldenLaura MiracleErik NewmanMatthew RunfolaDominic Sansone, and Quentin Shaw.

Detail of  Genie Vessel  by Quentin Shaw

Detail of Genie Vessel by Quentin Shaw

Our instructors at the Chicago Industrial Art & Design Center are talented teachers and exceptional creative makers. Their varied interests and approaches enhance the diversity of what we are able to offer to our students. In their personal work, each instructor utilizes the same skills, materials, tools, and processes taught at CIADC, applied in a manner reflective of their own individual style.

Detail of  Drop Garden  by Nikki Renee Anderson

Detail of Drop Garden by Nikki Renee Anderson

The opening reception for Instructor Showcase will take place Saturday, March 19 from 4 to 6 PM following the final open studio sessions of Winter Term. 

Detail of  Shaker Tower  by Erik Newman

Detail of Shaker Tower by Erik Newman

Join us, usher in the new season, and see what our staff members have been making when they're not sharing their skills in the CIADC workshops! Food, drink, and great company – see you Saturday!

Detail of  la vita e bella  by Matthew Runfola

Detail of la vita e bella by Matthew Runfola