Upcoming Events

CIADC will be hosting a variety of new events in the next few months – here's a preview of a few Industrial Arts & Design happenings to keep on your radar.

Lake FX Summit at Chicago Cultural Center

Starting on Friday, May 13 CIADC will be one of the participants in the sprawling second year of Lake FX – check out the full schedule listings online, and stop by the CIADC table to say hello and help spread the word to the rest of the city!

Blueprints Opening Reception at CIADC

On Saturday, May 21 from 4-6 PM we will host the opening of the next exhibition at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center. Blueprints will feature 3D projects from each department at CIADC, including works by Aushra Abouzeid, Natalie Kling, Natalie Kling, Sarah Lu, and Bruce Church with Jessica Feith and Laura Miracle, alongside 2D designs by over one hundred artists from Chicago and across the world. (Currently, there are entrants from five continents in the project!)

CIADC will be accepting submissions for Blueprints throughout the run of the exhibit, ending July 2, 2016. To participate, fill out the project form at ciadc.org/blueprints-submissions and send image(s) via email to socialmedia@ciadc.org.   

Chicago Sculpture International at Chicago Cultural Center

At 1 PM on Saturday, May 21 CIADC member Jill King will be leading of a 90 minute presentation with Karen Gubitz as a part of the CSI series Women Sculptors of Chicago, Not for Men Only!

Makerbot Makeathon at CIADC

Starting at 10 AM on Saturday, June 11 CIADC will be the Chicago host for Makerbot's nationwide Makeathon. Makerbot is inviting all educators, designers, makers, and anyone experienced in 3D printing to collaborate with in the process. At each Makeathon, those gathered will tackle challenges over the course of two days by iterating on ideas, developing STEAM content, and having fun along the way. Take part to help elevate 3D printing in the classroom: Sign up for the 2016 Chicago Makerbot Makeathon at CIADC!

Immersion Week at CIADC

Starting Monday, June 13 CIADC will offer our first five-day continuous education Immersion Week. Designed for those who are not able to commit to a typical 10-week class and/or for those who want the continuity of the Monday – Friday, 6 hours per day schedule. Be immersed and grow leaps and bounds with your creative object making!

Makers Ball at CIADC

Summer Classes at CIADC