Education: The First Term of Teen Courses at CIADC

Our winter season marked the first term of youth education at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center with the completion of two consecutive five-week classes for 12 to 14 year olds in the Metalworking and Fabrication Department.

In the first class, students undertook the classic folded box exercise (shearing, bending, drilling, and riveting sheet metal) and created a forged coat hook (shearing, forging, tapering, and bending bar stock, with a wax finish). In the second five weeks, students made a candle sconce (plasma cutting, grinding, bending, and riveting sheet metal) and created a welded sculpture (shearing, bending, MIG welding, sandblasting sheet metal and finishing with a lacquer coating).

We're looking forward to ongoing and expanding involvement with young makers at CIADC – Teen Education options are open now for spring term, and for week-long summer camps!

Spring Classes

Summer Camps