New Tool Donations! SkatBlast Sandblast Cabinet

Our second new addition to the Metal Shop is the Skatblast Sandblast Cabinet! This new Sandblast Cabinet is bigger and better for larger projects by our members and students. Sandblasters clean and texturize metal through an abrasive basting of sand and compressed air. It is effective in removing rust, paint, and fire scale.

Some of you must be wondering the new home of our Sandblaster. Well, do not worry! It has moved a couple floors up to our casting department, granting the casting department the new ability to easily remove debris from their projects. This new Sandblaster acts as way for both our Metalworking and Casting departments to expand their use and tools.

If you are interested in either our Metalworking or Casting Classes and trying putting our Sandblasters to use, sign up for our Intro to Metalworking and Forging 5-Week Course and our Intro to Casting 5-Week Course.

If you want to support CIADC's expansion and mission, please donate to our Matched Gift Program. Several private donors have together pledged to match every donation between now and August 31st, up to $10,000. This means we can double in value every single dollar you donate to us over the next several months; $10,000 raised + $10,000 matched = $20,000 towards furthering our Mission! 

Help us maximize this opportunity by making a tax-deductible donation today!

To read how the Matched Gift donations will be used to further our Mission, please click here.