Woodshop Renovations Complete!

Our upgrades to the Woodshop have been completed! All told, we have invested over $30,000 this year in woodworking machinery and shop build-outs to make for an even more effective workspace.

Students can now take advantage of all the new offerings our woodshop has – including a second SawStop tablesaw, a dedicated 5hp re-saw bandsaw, improved dust collection, and dedicated sanding and finishing rooms. Renovations took place over the course of this past summer, finishing just before the start of the fall term.

We set out to solve a couple of problems that have persisted within the workshop since we opened in 2015 – namely, pinch points in workflow during class times and open studios, air quality issues with our dust collection, organization, and noise. We were able to solve them and add quite a few more perks that will be benefits to students for years to come!

These upgrades benefit students and instructors alike – Andrew Barco, the department manager of CIADC’s Woodworking department, notes that the air quality issues and noise problems have all but vanished.

“It’s almost hard to notice,” said Barco, “because there aren’t any problems to worry about anymore. Students can spend more time focusing on their work instead of having other things to worry about. These improvements have made the space more centered around woodworking and creativity. It allows students space for imagination and lets them push themselves in what they’re working on.”

Barco also notes that the entire Woodshop is more streamlined now – everything can be done right in the shop.

“You can buy your wood, cut it to size, finish it, and assemble. It takes some of the inconvenience out of the process.”

Students are also very excited about the new improvements. Megan Jedlinski, a student who has seen both the old and new Woodshops, thinks it’s great that the workflow issues and setup difficulties have been alleviated.

“Having all of the equipment in one room to work on the things you need to work on, as well as having dedicated spaces to them, it’s really helpful,” said Jedlinski.

We are so excited to share the new Woodshop improvements with all our students and members in the Fall 2019 term and onwards! We certainly believe that they will make the space safer, more fun, and conducive to creativity in your woodworking!